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Our Mission.

To become the strategic and preferred partner for all your packaging and protective materials needs. To add value and innovation to your products through their protection.

Our Services

Design ICJAR

Packaging Design

We design your required protective packaging according to the needs of the application.

Manufacture ICJAR

Packaging Manufacture

We manufacture all of our designs with the highest quality materials.

Consulting ICJAR

Packaging Consulting

We will help you choose and specify the best packaging solution for the protection of your product.

Supplies ICJAR

Packaging Supplies

We offer you a wide selection of packaging products so that you don’t have to look somewhere else!

Solutions ICJAR

Just In Time Solutions

We will adapt to your processes and schedules to deliver at the right time to optimize your inventory.

Packaging Technology ICJAR

Packaging Technology

We will select the right packaging machinery and technology for you process so you become more productive.

About Us.

For more than 30 years we have served and supplied the Mexican industry with high quality protective products, offering our highest dedication and hard work to be the first choice for our customers.

We are the pioneers of the development of the packaging industry in the region.

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Materials and Products

Hielo Seco

EPS Foam

We manufacture EPS! We can supply in any quantity or shape.

PE Foam

We sell and transform foam rolls and extruded PE Material for all your packaging needs.


Bubble Wrap

We have a wide range of bubble wrap sizes and colors.



From stretch film to polytene bags we have it all.


Protective Foam

Ideal for electronic products, we have a wide range of protective foams for different applications.



We transform cardboard according to your needs, we can supply also boxes in any size.


Filler Systems

Add extra protection to you shipments and products with our filler systems.

Embalaje de Amortizacion

Shock Protection

We offer you a fast and economical way to pack your products.

Productos Laminados

Laminated Materials

We can add value to your materials with our lamination processes just ask for our different finishes.

Contenedores de Plástico

Plastic Containers

Use our range of plastic containers for your re-usable packaging applications.

Plastico Corrugado

Corrugated Plastic

We design and manufacture re-usable packaging using corrugated plastic in any color.

Tela no tejida

Non-Woven Fabric

Protect your products from scratches with our non-woven fabrics. We can design covers and bags in different sizes.

Contact Us.

Feel free to contact us for any request of our products or services, or any other special packaging request, or just to say hi! (You can see below our location in the map so you can visit us too..).

  • ventas@icjar.com
  • +52 81 5000 7950
  • Luis Moreno #4605 Col. Niño Artillero, Monterrey Nuevo León,Mexico CP64280

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